Financial fraud concept

Understanding Fraud:

Fraud is when someone dishonestly tricks you by telling lies or hiding important facts. According to Section 341 of the Thai Penal Code, if this deception leads to them getting your money or causing you to sign or destroy an important document, it's considered cheating and fraud.

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What to Do If You've Been Deceived:

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1.Gather Evidence: Collect everything that proves what happened—receipts, chat conversations, signed documents.

2.Report to the Police: Go to the police with your evidence and explain what occurred. If you don't speak Thai well, bring a translator with you.

3.Follow Up: Stay in touch with the police for updates on your case. This legal process is usually inexpensive but can be time-consuming.

4.Legal Action: Another option is to hire a lawyer to guide you through the legal process and provide advice. This is faster but comes with legal fees.

Financial fraud concept
Quick Tips

Seeking Legal Assistance:

If you're looking for a reliable lawyer to help you recover your money and hold the wrongdoer accountable, feel free to reach out to us. IDIO Law is here to assist you.

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