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What are personal properties?

Personal properties, as per Section 1471 of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, include:

1.Anything owned by the husband or wife before they got married.

2.Things for personal use, like clothing or jewelry suitable for their lifestyle, or tools needed for their job.

3.Property received as a gift or through a will during the marriage.

4.Engagement gifts.

Unhappy Couple Dividing Marital Property in Office of Divorce Lawyer

What are marriage properties?

Marriage properties, according to Section 1474 of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, consist of:

1.Any assets acquired while the couple is married.

2.Property received through a written will or gift during the marriage, especially if it's declared to be a marriage property.

3.Profits or gains from personal properties.

In simpler terms, personal properties are what each person owns before and during the marriage, along with gifts and engagement presents. Marriage properties are the things gained together during the marriage, as well as any increase in value of personal properties. Knowing these distinctions helps in legally dividing assets in case of separation or divorce.

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